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To order the printed documentation it is necessary to:

  • connect to this website
  • register and waiting for the confirmation from the website administration
  • Once got the authorization by website administrators, log-in and order the amount/kind of needed documents

All this documentation will be shipped Ex Works, totally charged of the customer and under his risk for every problems who happens during the transportation.
Customer will must find his preferred carrier, take agree with him for the logistic procedures, and tell us his contact in Italy.

After that dgtALE will ask for your confirmation about shipment and order details and deliver the ordered material.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not be possible to get source file to manage local printing and ad-hoc version.

For this reason it is possible to collaborate to develop special editions of the standard Bonfiglioli documentation (e.g. local language, customized prints, etc...).

It is necessary to provide translation and make up costs will be charged, at a favored fare.

For larger quantities of items 500/1000 ask for a personalized offer directly to Tanit iDea srl.: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Annual Releases for Power transmission solutions documentations

Bonfiglioli has planned preferred dates for annual releases of  Web Catalogue updating (if necessary).
A new coding for the catalogues, will permit to identify quickly the latest changes through the exponent of modification.
The exponent of modification, the last 3 digits of the encoding of the catalog (R00_0), is updated according to the type of changes:
first two digits (R00) Important measures of content or technical data, third digit (_0) for minor changes or text corrections.
In the last page of each catalogue, are listed all the modifications from previous release.
Please note that the latest version of the catalogues is always present in the website, which can be consulted by everybody before proceeding with any purchasing of paper version.